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Sarah has expertly fulfilled a freelance PA role for my company for a number of years and brings a wealth of abilities, experience and talent to my business. Sarah is focused, reliable, innovative and organised. She is personable and exceptionally skilled in communicating with clients and most importantly a delight to work with and considered an instrumental member of the team. I would not hesitate to recommend her skills to any organisation seeking additional help with their business needs.

Sarah is efficient, personable and most of all reliable. I have worked with her for two years and she has been nothing but professional. Dealing with Customers and Clients equally well and keeping everyone on track. If looking for professional assistance with your administration and organisation. I would recommend Sarah and Delegate in a heartbeat.

Delegate Business Services have been nothing short of excellent from the moment I started using them. They are prompt, professional and complete tasks to your exact specifications. Highly recommend!!

I fully endorse and commend Darren for his professional and leadership qualities. Darren is a very hard working, dynamic individual, caring, loyal, strong minded, committed, honest, knowledgeable and an amazing gentleman to liaise and work with.

Darren is a very versatile and adaptable leader. I have been close to his work in a number of different areas be it from managing UC delivery, to being a business manager and more recently manager of a team of highly skilled specialists. Darren is a quick learner and a highly respected manager and leader. He builds winning teams, engages well with stakeholders and colleagues, and always puts the customer first. Darren is also a self-starter that can be trusted to find a way of making things happen. A great asset to have in any organisation.